The Movement

<3 Black LOVE Power <3

The Will…
I will try to be as understanding as I can/must be for you…
I will try to support you, in and through ALL times…
I will try to keep the lines of communication open…
I will give 100% of myself to this relationship…
I will measure myself, with myself–and, strive to improve MYSELF…
I will remember that I chose YOU–and, that “I” must be WILLING…
and… the day that I am no longer “willing”…
–The End


Peace, Beloved Family!

If you are inspired and desire to join the movement of restoring “the Village”—please, feel free to join the group, Earth of AfriKa… where we as Sistaz, meet to discuss and relate with one another concerning the issues facing Our fallen Black Afrikan Heritage. Here, we will begin to heal one another and work on solutions to solving the problems within Our Black Communities—originally——–the AfriKan Village.

Earth of AfriKa is a reflection of the Village and Black AfriKan Community PROTECTOR, Sunz of AfriKa; which is also here for the restoration of the Black, AfriKan Warrior of the AfriKan Village!

Together… Our Purpose will again be fulfilled.

Each One, Reach One & Teach One… to Restore the AfriKan Nation… “the Village”

~Earth of AfriKa~

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