Earth of Afrika is a movement designed to bring mending & healing among our Afrikan sisters–to promote a strong & healthy entrance and/or return to the WomBman, first modeled by our ancestors.

It is being resurrected for the guidance and instruction for and by one another–to ensure proper education of the Black WomBman–to increase the strength and bonding within “the Village” of our Afrikan cultured people–for the uprising of a stronger Nation of Our People.

Earth of Afrika is just that… a humble journey we are taking, together–to explore our every experience–learning TO LEARN FROM those experiences; while building upon one another–and ourselves–to resurrect ONE STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, BLACK NATION of OUR Original AfriKan SouLs…

Earth of Afrika

Each One, Reach One & Teach One… to Restore the AfriKan Nation–“the Village”, Peace.

Earth of AfriKa

Earth of AfriKa

♥ Earth of AfriKa ♥

Also, visit the Brothaz, Our Protectors… click –> SuNz of AfriKa
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