A Letter to The African-American Woman–On Behalf of The BLACK AFRIKAN WOMBIN

Black Afrikan Queen of The Village

Black Afrikan Queen of The Village

Dear Black WOMBIN,


When you are blunt… to the point… no pussy-footing or dancing around the issues at hand–you will NOT, and I REPEAT–NOT get any supporters. Our people have become a race of PUNK-AZZ NOGROWS–who like to whine, cry and play victim–and, be left alone and excused for their “F”d up behavior–YES–the VERY SAME “F'”d up behavior that I used to–and, maybe even sometimes still engage in! But… there does come a time when you must WAKE-UP… GROW-the-F UP… and, admit and OWN UP TO your immature and toxic LIFE-STYLE… and, change it! Not expect everyone to “understand”–and, LOVE you… in spite of… and, “forgive” you… and, “be there for” you–no matter what!

“F” that——–SISTAZ… if you are a Mother… it’s time for your azz to step up your WOMB-game! Damn running around here trying to impress mutha”F”az… NOGROWS… and, YES–even OTHER femalez by trying TO BE “pretty”… and, PROVE how damn educated and INDEPENDENT yo azz is! Pretty, educated and independent ain’t never took the place of a healthy and supportive FAMILY–that consists of the SAME DAMN thing it took for yo azz to produce children in the first damn place———– A MAN! If yo azz would stop trying to IMPRESS the damn man–and, every & ANY damn body who will look your way—–with all that FAKE-AZZ  f*ckery and your  so-called EDUCATION… group affiliations… RELIGION…  again—your INDEPENDENCE… all the money you’re making to drive that FLY-AZZ car… wear those FLY-AZZ  heels—crippling the fuck out your damn feet, to the point that NO man wants to even date you cause your damn FEET so damn ugly… and, AGAIN–get on your damn WOMB-game………… maybe the ONE MAN you need to support you in BUILDING that “family”—will recognize the BEAUTY IN YOU… and, not be so damn distracted by the “pretty” of YOU and any other “pretty” female that crosses his path—cause it’s SO DAMN MANY OF YOU—and, you ALL look the damn same! These men are consumed with a bunch of small-minded azz BARBIES… trying to compete with one another for their time to SHINE up on the shelf–where dolls are meant to be kept–after being PLAYED WITH, of course!

I ask that any of my supporters… and, NO—not of ME, but of the MISSION & MOVEMENT—because, I am NOT looking for “Likes”, or for anyone to “agree” with me———NOOOO… but, those TRUE supporters of BLACK AFRIKAN WOMBMANHOOD… SISTAHOOD… MOTHERHOOD… NATION BUILDING… CHILD-NURTURING & RAISING… PROTECTING… LOVING… GUIDING… TEACHING… MOLDING…  COUNSELING… DEFENDING… DISCIPLINING… all those things that we NEED to get quickly concerned about—regarding the plight of Our People… Our Village… Our Children——–and, the future being strategically planned out for them, by WHITE SUPREMACY…… I ask that you PLEASE OVER&INNERSTAND my passion and frustration right now—because I am growing REALLY tired of the on-going excuses for OUR—YES—OUR behavior.

WE Sistaz are the Mothers of Civilization—and, we have been reduced to something FAR less———only, the problem NOW is…… we continue to reduce OURSELVES to even lower states—by not even attempting to slow down just enough to take a long hard damn look in the mirror and CHARGE our damn selves with FAILING to step-up and straighten this shyt out! Instead, we are becoming something OTHER than “TRUE” Mothers—and, trying to convince ourselves that we are doing such a great job being SINGLE MOMS, and/or MOMMY “and” DADDY…  and, that this condition only shows how STRONG and “blessed” we are—to be able to do such a thing… all the while—neglecting the hell out of our children——-depriving them of the healthy and stable BLACK AFRIKAN “family” that they SO DESERVE to thrive within!

We don’t feed our children the proper diets—because we don’t even KNOW what that is——-and, it AIN’T what the damn White Man tells us! We don’t teach our children the proper “education”—because we don’t even KNOW what that is… and, it AIN’T what the damn White Man teaches us! We focus on all the WRONG shyt—again, trying to CONVINCE ourselves that we are doing such a great job! Why? Because we put a “roof over their heads… clothes on their backs—and, food on the table”——so, that alone qualifies us as being GOOD MOTHERS! BULL SHYT! WE need to know the Truth about HOUSING and renting/owning and the market and TEACH THAT “truth” TO OUR CHILDREN! We need to KNOW who the makers of our clothing are—and, ask ourselves why in the hell do we support an industry and spend top dollar on clothing manufactured by the same damn White Man that enslaved our Ancestors—and, who gives NOT ONE DAMN–about the fact that we spend our money on HIS shyt—instead of MAKING our damn own! AND—MOST IMPORTANTLY… we MUST learn about the foods that we are “feeding” our children—and, how these foods interact with their DNA and cause unwanted DIS-ORDERS within their bodies; which makes them SICK–and inhibits their health and maximum growth potential—MIND, BODY & SOUL!!! These are those things that, WE—as Black Afrikan WOMBMEN are supposed to be focused on——-and, even on NURTURING our OWN BODIES and WOMBS—BEFORE we even conceive OUR BABIES!!!

Culturally… we are OUT OF OUR DAMN MINDS… and, our children are suffering MISERABLY—because, we are so damn busy SWEARING that we are doing such a wonderful damn job… because, we’ve grown so damn accustomed to doing things the European WAY———as a result of White Supremacy… that we don’t even see the HARM that we are inflicting—first… on OURSELVES… then, on our children and families… Our VILLAGE… and, Our NATION of Black Afrikan People—because, we are so damn busy tip-toeing around one another, when it comes to BEING dammit BLUNT about our current condition—and, YES, dammit—pointing out the apparent mistakes that we are making—and, the foolish behavior and f*ckery that we’re all so blindly indulging in—causing the continued downfall of Black Afrikan People!

Dammit… I am no longer gonna sit back and go easy and light and fall back off of my “tell it like it dammit is” approach to this MADNESS! WE DONE LOST OUR VERY FUCKING MINDS!!! And, some damn body has to recognize and call this shyt out!

“F” FASHION……… it’s time for FAMILY… all that other BULLSHYT is straight-up FASHION……….. trying to find a PLACE in the White Supremacist SYSTEM of Economics… Education… Entertainment… Labor… Law… Politics… Religion… Sex… AND, WAR… YES, WAR—being exactly what this is… WAR—against the toxic azz SYSTEM that has gotten a STRONG damn hold on our damn brains—and, washed them to the point of not knowing a damn thing about WHO WE REALLY ARE—thereby, attacking anyone who steps OUTSIDE of the European “school of thought”—and, accuse them of thinking that they are better—and, that THEY are “putting other people down”—and, causing division amongst the people! Dammit… WE are putting US DOWN—by feeding into The ILLusion of Inclusion… and, BELIEVING that “we’ve come a LONG WAY”—to the point of suffering the psychosis of thinking that we have a Black President! Why? Because, apparently—again… THEIR “education SYSTEM” has failed you in the area of Biology—or, perhaps, you just don’t “Pay” attention—although you “Pay” good damn money for a perfect damn hairstyle————-and, “F” your brain! Damn!

So… for any interested BLACK AFRIKAN WOMBMAN—who is NOT offended by the words I’ve just expressed—because, YOU “get it”… again… although I KNOW that no apology is needed—because, again—YOU “get it”… I’d like to extend my deepest apologies ANYWAY… because, as a Black Afrikan WOMBman… I don’t want to be using foul language—to such degrees… nor, do I want to be exhibiting aggressive or offensive behavior—not even on a mental/spiritual level… because, it’s not productive, AT ALL!!! But, I had to get that out… because, I’m tired… and, because of my degree of disgust with this mess… I am no longer going to waste my VALUABLE time trying to “convince” anyone of the changes that need to be made for the “uplifting” of our people—cause, any INTELLIGENT person KNOWS that “taking it easy” on BULLSHYT—just will NOT cut it! When your child exhibits FOUL-AZZ behavior… you check ‘em! That’s how you get that behavior to improve. You don’t sit-back and tell ‘em it’s ok—in an effort NOT to hurt their feelings. DAMN THAT! And, like I said… MOST of what I talk about—and, that I’m against—or, trying to IMPROVE amongst us—are things that I’ve experienced myself—and, LEARNED… and, UN-Learned… and, RE-Learned… SO… it’s not about me trying to be “better than” anybody else… rather—it’s about me trying to be a “better” ME… and, also trying to help my Sisters who may not YET recognize—to SEE where we are operating from our LOWER selves… and, IMPROVE that! Do you really think that any other race of people is going to help us to see the error of our ways—and, insist on us RAISING our vibrations and lifting our heads to bring ourselves up out of our miserable conditions? HELL NO! And, so the hell what… cause it ain’t their damn job to do so anyway! It’s OUR JOB! Just as they look out for their own!

So… to anyone offended by what I have posted here… so the hell what! And, it is out of LOVE for my people—whether your BLIND–AZZ cares to recognize that or not… at this point…as divided as our asses are, NOW—who the hell cares! Any of my Sistaz who RECOGNIZE… RECOGNIZE!!! We are in a STATE OF EMERGENCY! And, there is no time to be trying to take a soft approach to this shyt! It’s CRITICAL… and, CRITICAL conditions need CRITICAL and IMMEDIATE CARE and ATTENTION…….. SO BE IT! The Surgeon is in… and, “F” YOUR patch-up jobs… I AM HERE TO HEAL mutha”F”az!!! No more time for the BS! We flat-lining over here!

So… to any who are down for the cause… PLEASE—again… excuse my passion… and, meet me on the front lines… over in Earth of AfriKa; which is where I’m going to try and spend a majority of my time… working with those who WANT to work with me on this Mission. Damn the rest…. I ain’t got time for the BS—our babies are suffering… and, I’m a Mother… a Black Afrikan WOMBman—in her right damn MIND… KNOWING what MUST BE DONE! And, there are a few of us who still exist… not very damn many… but, enough to make something happen. We just have to step out of PUNK-MODE and PRETTY-MODE… and, get busy BUILDING………… back to the BEAUTY-FULL BLACK AFRIKAN WOMB… the most POWER-FULL and RELEVANT ESSENCE of The EARTH!

Chicks… stay your PRETTY azzes OFF MY PAGE… you ain’t ready to get dirty. The EARTH “is” just that—EARTH/DIRT… and, it requires that one be able to take some damn “soiling” every now and then—that’s what BUILDING is about! And, Our Warriors RECOGNIZE our BEAUTY—through ALL THAT soil—that we plant OUR SEED—and, work to cultivate—into Precious and Mighty FRUIT! And, WE—BEAUTY-FULL and supportive SISTAZ, of one another… knowing and recognizing that we won’t always “Like” each other… nor, always AGREE with one another—Yet, STILL recognize that we have the same GOAL and AGENDA—so, be willing to accept ALL the pain that may come with being shown and taught HOW TO BE…  cause we LEARNING and EXPERIENCING this shyt TOGETHER! But… it comes through, FIRST—recognizing the errors… the toxins… and, DIS-ORDERS and DIS-EASES within The Village… and, expelling that crap! Yes… that shyt within EVEN OUR OWN DAMN SELVES… and YES… even when it takes another Sister who may have to point it out—because we don’t YET recognize it————–that IS “love”… and, it IS “uplifting” one another. I will NOT see my Sista operating from her LOWER SELF and, not do all that is in my power to show her—her HIGHER SELF! That’s my JOB as a WOMBman… it’s called, “WOMBman to WOMBman”… and, it’s the most BEAUTY-FULL thing we have going as Black Afrikan WOMBmen!

To ALL my supportive Sistaz… I ask that you ALWAYS approach me in whatever it is that you think I can improve on… or, that you think that I am OUTRIGHT “wrong” in… or, that I can or should try to change or improve—if you think that it will help ME to be a “better” WOMBman—or, if it’s in the “best interest” of The Village… because, ULTIMATELY—that’s what this is about! Don’t be no PUNK—worrying about how I might feel about what you bring forth about me… damn that—that’s what Sisters do… they get in each  others’ azzez about shyt that MATTERS—because, they TRULY CARE… even if it hurts. In the end… I will both appreciate and RESPECT you—for caring enough about me, to KNOWLEDGE me on some shyt that maybe I didn’t quite recognize—even about my OWN DAMN SELF… because I didn’t FULLY OVER or INNERSTAND it , at that point… thinking that I had it ALTOGETHER, because I’m GROWN. Well… that’s just it… because, I have a comprehension of the word “GROWN”… I realize… as long as there is room for LEARNING… my azz ain’t “GROWN” yet! GROWN means, completion—DONE! And, I am STILL GROW-IN!!! So, I ain’t DONE… and, still have things to LEARN!

Anyway… damn… I’ve gone on long enough… and, those who “get it”… also, “get” ME… and, I know you ain’t mad… and, for the rest of you clownz———————-see me when you GROW-UP a little more. I still got love for you… just not the patience, nor tolerance for your petty azz excuses and major BULLSHYT!

ONE LOVE—SISTAZ of LIKE-MINDZ! See ya for that BUILD on Earth of Afrika…

Kijiji Mwezi

PS. Sorry for any mistakes within… but, I really ain’t in the mood to go back correcting right now. I MAY do it later—but, not right now. I’m tired.


Elevate-IN thee Earth’s INNER(G)



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