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Earth of Afrika

The Best of Leaders

Who is the “best” of leaders? There would be so many answers to this question—Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.—for starters… Malcolm X… Rev. Jesse Jackson… Rev. Al Sharpton (hehe)… Minister Louis Farrakahn… The Honorable Elijah Muhammad… and of course the obvious—President Barack Obama! Yes, I could go on—but, I just wanted to give a few examples of some of the answers I’d get. Each of these men certainly contributed something of substance to the nation… but, who is the “best” of them? And wait… ladies—don’t get your panties in a bunch! I know that there are female leaders too, but these were at the top of my head—and are the most familiar. So, I just made it a little easier on myself! (smile)

Now, I am asking this question for a reason. I want to know why so many of our people are so consumed with…

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