Your Afrikan Ties 2 Your Tubes!

W 4Hello Beloveds…

I am writing on behalf of all of my sisters–asking for your reconsideration in the decision to undergo a tubal ligation.

On February 21, 1996–I made one of the most regrettable decisions of my life, in deciding to have my tubes tied–in an effort not to have any more children. How sorry I am today for doing such. Not so much because I want more children, as I am now 40 years of age–and, already have 4 children, as well as 2 step-children–and, also looking forward to the day when I will finally become a grandmother and great grandmother and great, great grandmother–and, well… you get the picture!

Anyway… my reason for sharing this story with you–is because, there are many things that were not explained to me BEFORE I decided to make this life-altering decision. I had not, in my opinion, been properly educated in the side-effects that I would be subjected to–as well as, the syndrome that is named to be associated with this process, “post tubal ligation syndrome”; which is a list of the many POST tubal DIS-ORDERS that usually shows up years after the procedure has been done. Some of those disorders and side-effects include pre-menopause, fibroid tumors, hormonal imbalance–which causes WEIGHT GAIN and hair growth in places that you’d never imagine–or, WANT (trust me)… also, isolated ovarian syndrome (which is a loss of blood supply to the ovaries and closely resembles the symptoms of having a hysterectomy)… well… I’ll tell you what… since there are SO MANY things to name–things that I KNOW many of you will definitely NOT want to risk subjecting your bodies to–I’ll just provide this link, for you to be able to go and check out all of the symptoms and DIS-ORDERS for yourselves… (it’s pretty thorough).

Besides what I’ve already mentioned above… I’d like to also tackle this from a cultural and spiritual perspective, as well.

As Afrikan Cultured WOMBIN… I’d like to add–Sisters… we are a target of this country, and the world-over, for a mission to decrease the number of babies that we bring into this world. There has been a movement going for hundreds of years now (planned parenthood, as it’s NOW called), to limit–and, even put an END to the births of Afrikan babies. Yes, I know how cruel and unreal this sounds–but, there is factual information of the existence of these types of movements. I advise you to visit this link on eugenics (it explains the extremes through which Europeans devised and underwent–to control the population of the Afrikan race of people).

Besides the plan to eliminate Afrikan people, by the Europeans–as well as the devastating health effects… Sisters… for our own good–SPIRITUALLY and again–CULTURALLY… this is NEVER the answer for us! We are the Mothers of Civilization… and, to make the decision to do such a thing to our GLORY-US bodies is an abomination to WHO and WHAT WE ARE! I AM WOMBIN… YOU ARE WOMBIN… and, to decide to do such a thing to your body–is going against your VERY NATURE and The Creator/Creatress! WE are meant to pro-create… to bring life… to nurture life… and, if we make the decision to have our tubes tied–we interrupt that very process–we are ultimately making the decision to END LIFE! This is not AFRIKAN! There are other ways that we must consider–to strategically manage this MOST beautiful and natural process of bringing life… and, we must take the time to ponder over these alternatives–and, educate ourselves and one another–to avoid suffering all of the DIS-ORDERS and the DIS-EASE that accompanies this atrocious decision to halt the very thing that makes us WHO WE ARE!

Sisters… I humbly and regrettably ask of you… do not, under ANY circumstances–nor, with the advice of ANYONE–be it your doctor… your husband… your friend–or even your OWN MOTHER–make this most UN-Natural, UN-Cultural, UN-Spiritual, UN-Afrikan decision to END your very own purpose for even living—————–LIFE! Do all that is in your power to encourage, influence, enhance, nurture–and, to BRING IT… as is the ONLY PURPOSE… for ALL…



Earth of AfriKa

4 the Liberation of the Afrikan WOMBIN…



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