A former status of mine on FB was this:

I’ve heard it said that you are nothing without “education”. I’ve also met my share of “educated” fools, as well as, my share of wise ones who’ve not had the experience of this thing called “education”. So, EXACTLY what is “education”?–Tamieka Helen

My question, based on the above is–What is EDUCATION to YOU?

Be sure to THINK before you answer—and RESPECT that there is NO “right” or “wrong” answer–only OPINIONS–although, of course, there is a definition. Please people—don’t bring me Merriam Webster’s opinion of the word, “education”!!! LOL

Have fun… and show RESPECT please! Thank you…



2 thoughts on “What is EDUCATION to YOU?

  1. For me, education is an instrument by which i sharp my inner abilities and qualities. It gives me direction in my interested field. It help me update with what happening in the rest of world. Education help me in self-development.

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    • Sorry, Barrick! I have not been in my account since, uhhh, about FEBRUARY!!! So, I just got your response. And, thanks for sharing……………good reason! And, good luck in ALL that you do… Peace 2 ya… 🙂

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