The Best of Leaders



The Best of Leaders

Who is the “best” of leaders? There would be so many answers to this question—Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.—for starters… Malcolm X… Rev. Jesse Jackson… Rev. Al Sharpton (hehe)… Minister Louis Farrakahn… The Honorable Elijah Muhammad… and of course the obvious—President Barack Obama! Yes, I could go on—but, I just wanted to give a few examples of some of the answers I’d get. Each of these men certainly contributed something of substance to the nation… but, who is the “best” of them? And wait… ladies—don’t get your panties in a bunch! I know that there are female leaders too, but these were at the top of my head—and are the most familiar. So, I just made it a little easier on myself! (smile)

Now, I am asking this question for a reason. I want to know why so many of our people are so consumed with the need to be led by another. Why is it so imperative that we have “strong leaders” to represent our people? Okay, I know that the “common” thought is—“What the hell kinda question is that? We need good leaders to represent us and to make sure that we have a voice and get treated fairly in this nation!” Well, I’m OUT “the box”—I represent myself… I have a voice… and I ensure that I am treated fairly and with RESPECT—because I can… and don’t need anyone else to do it for me! Do you not have a brain with which to “think” and a mouth with which to “speak” for yourSELF? Then, why do you need a so-called “leader” to do these things for you?

I believe that there is only one case when a “leader” is needed—WITHIN the home… for the children. As a child grows—it needs to be led by its parents. The son, by the father and the daughter, by the mother. This is when we need “a leader”. They must model the appropriate example of an upstanding man/father and an upstanding woman/mother for us to grow into the same. Once this phase has been completed—we no longer need “a leader”—we now BECOME those “leaders” for our own children… and the cycle continues. We, as grown-behind (and you know what my mind is saying—and it ain’t really “behind”) so-called adults DO NOT need to still be LED by anyone! LIVE… like your brain is darn-well trying to help you to do! Use it! That is the problem with our nation—we are too busy looking for someone else to be “responsible”. That’s just plain “lazy”. But, I guess at least then—you have someone else to blame if you end-up on the wrong path and into disaster!

Come on people—grow up! Stop looking for someone else to fight your battles for you… to be your “voice”… to go running around this country asking Uncle Sam’s permission to be “free”. Quit asking for equality… acceptance… respect… justification—why are you asking for these things? Better yet… why are you seeking another to ask for these things on your behalf—even worse! Do you not KNOW who you are? Do you not KNOW that when you ASK for it—you are declaring the person(s) that you ask, the master and keeper of that that you ask for? So you are declaring THEM the master of YOU—because all of these things—you have… if you recognize your worth. Who can keep any of these things from you? Why, why, why—must you continue to give your power to another—even the so-called “leader” you are so desperately seeking. You are limiting yourSELF—it’s time for you to recognize that… because until you do—you will always remain in bondage… oppressed… a SLAVE—to your own damn fear of progression—fear of believing in your own potential… fear of becoming—something much more powerful and trustworthy than that “leader” you are calling on—fear of KNOWING—YOU!

Well, I’ll share a little insight to maybe help you with your little problem of “fear”:

Fear–the master and keeper of the “unknown”; which is ULTIMATELY what we fear! People are so inclined to be “comfortable”–that’s SAFE. No one wishes to be uncomfortable–or to go places that they are unfamiliar with. So, they choose to remain “in the box”… no mistakes!

It is merely NOT KNOWING that causes the “fear” in us.

Fear of failure… fear of riducule… fear of embarassment… fear of criticisim… fear of rejection… fear of change… fear of growth… fear of success, even———–if we can’t anticipate the outcome–KNOW that it will be in our favor—we FEAR moving forward, because, again–we DON’T KNOW!

Fear is a mutha… but, just like it is the master of the “unknown”—-we KILL it through our desire and striving to KNOW!


And the last piece of advice is this– No LEADERS–No FOLLOWERS—only walking side by side–dialoging–on the path to TRUTH—while advising and encouraging one another in the struggle that we all share! But—if you truly are in need of a “leader”—BE that “leader” for yourSELF—YOU ARE… The Best Leader!


Copyright ©2010 Tamieka Helen (Elevate-IN the Sunz INNER(G) (Elevate-IN the Earth’s INNER(G)

ABIBIFAHODIE!!! (Afrikan Liberation)


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