That Weapon Called EDUCATION!

That Weapon Called EDUCATION!

Education is a “mutha”—if you do NOT comprehend it!

From day one—we are “taught”—“You are nothing without EDUCATION!” We’ve heard these words from our parents… our grandparents… or aunts and uncles… our neighbors… our teachers… our religious leaders… and the like. What do they truly mean? Okay… I already know the most “popular” answer I will get to this question—but, I’m not looking for that. I’m looking for a well thought-out answer. Don’t just blurt anything out to me. You ought to know me better than that—by now! =^)

Let me give some of my “comprehension” of this thing called “EDUCATION” and WHY I initiated the last discussion, entitled, “What is EDUCATION to YOU?” In my opinion (MY OPINION); which is NOT “law”—this word “education” is being totally MISunderstood AND—it is all a part of the “plan”.

If I succeed at having you truly believe that “EDUCATION” is the “key” to ALL things—what will you strive after? So again, let’s begin with the question—What is EDUCATION to YOU? And although most of you gave “intelligent” answers—there are still the “masses” of people and their “perception” of
EDUCATION—the thing that you need in order to achieve the “status” of being SOMEBODY! Remember—we’ve heard ALL of our lives that—WITHOUT it—we are NOTHING! Therefore, it must be true that WITH it—we indeed ARE SOMETHING—something important… special… respected… admired… accepted… etc. So, by all means—get your EDUCATION—diplomas… certificates… degrees… and any and ALL PAPERS that declare you as—SOMEBODY!

EDUCATION is the measuring stick that determines WHO you are in the “social” network of LIFE. BE CAREFUL! If you do not comprehend the essence of your “education”—it may HARM you. Are you now “greater” then your brother? Are you now too “educated” to live amongst people who do not “think” the way your “educated” SELF now thinks? You can now afford to live anywhere you choose. Are you “choosing” to move away from YOUR people (your FORMER SELF) to move amongst those who are “educated” just like you (your NEWLY “EDUCATED” SELF)?

If you’re not careful about your “highly regarded” EDUCATION—it will “divide” you from all that really matters. It will cause you to lose your “individuality”—now becoming another “program” in the Matrix—walking, talking and CEASING to THINK—just like a robot. You will no longer feel… no longer care… no longer comprehend your TRUE purpose in life. You will become more and more distant from your “natural”order of living. You will fall into the “illusion” of being SOMEBODY. You will now BECOME the “oppressor”. You will become even more “enslaved” and threaten to KILL anyone who tries to remove your shackles! You will begin to HATE your neighbors, your family, your community, your culture, your nation… your-SELF! And then… you DIE.

Like religion… EDUCATION is a weapon of mass destruction—if NOT properly understood—or should I say—OVERstood! It is another tool used to confuse the minds of the “non-THINKERS”. So, I simply warn you—be careful when you TEACH your children that they are NOTHING without EDUCATION! You may very well be setting them up to be just that—NOTHING!

Now, for those of you who have the need to come from the “flip-side” of EDUCATION—YES, I do OVERstand that if you are LEARNED enough—that “education” can be a tool for you. Yes, it can INDEED be YOUR weapon—AGAINST your “oppressor”—and this is if you have the ability to, again, comprehend the essence of this powerful tool! And as with any tool—if you don’t know how to use it—you may end up hurting yourSELF, another—or both!


Copyright ©2010 Tamieka Helen


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