Random Thoughts…

Nothing specific–just some random THINKING…

Funny how you walk around thinking and coming up with random ideas to incorporate into the plans you have for building a better environment for yourself and your loved ones. You tell yourself, ” I should be writing this stuff down. It would be good to share with others.” But, as soon as you do sit to write–your mind goes blank… and all your thoughts seem to fade into the background–leaving you, still “thinking”. :- ) Well, yes–I lost my original thoughts–but, as I said… I still haven’t stopped “thinking”!

I have come to realize–even with all of the senses that each of us have–our seeing, hearing, feeling and the rest–none of these, or even ALL of these combined–could never measure up to the power of our “thinking”.

THINK about it… if you were to lose any of your senses today–or let’s say ALL of your senses–would you still manage to exist or BE? Sure you would–but, if you lose your ability to “think”–who or what exactly would you then BEcome?

Your ability to “think” is probably one of–or THEE most precious asset that you possess. Before attempting anything–one should stop and “think”. Before believing anything–one should stop and “think”. Before saying anything–one should stop and “think”. Your ability to “think” and your CHOICE in exercising this “ability”–is probably the real difference between the instability or the peace that you experience in your life. If you expect to have “peace of mind”–literally–then, you must begin to “think”–realistically, and intellectually to INITIATE this “peace”.

If someone pissed on you and tried to convince you that it was no different than being rained on–would you accept that? Oh–well, probably not the best example–some of you would/have welcome(d) that! LOL Moving on!

But, seriously… most of us just simply move through life without TRULY “thinking” of what our purpose is for BEING. Why are we here–and what is our reason for existing? We have been programmed to fall into this economic system; which has been designed for the gain of “control”–POWER… and those seeking this position ARE the best of “thinkers”. They DO realize the power of THEIR “thinking”–and they exercise it to the fullest–using entertainment, politics and religion to control the “minds” of those who refuse to control or exercise their own ability to “think”. Yes, pretty much–they have been doing the “thinking” for us. They have taken over our most powerful ability–to THINK!

I urge each and every one of you reading this note right now– It’s time to awaken yourSELF. No longer accept what “appears” to be “good”–but, realize that the only REAL “good” is TRUTH… of the KNOWLEDGE of yourSELF–your “thinking” is where that TRUTH–that “good”–lies… within YOU——-SELF. You truly are what you THINK–and you WILL CONTINUE to BECOME whatever you THINK. Don’t you THINK it’s about time to BE the best that you can possibly be? Your actions ultimately define who you are. All actions begin as a “thought”–so be careful in what you are “thinking”.

THINKING whether it’s a good “idea” to share one’s “Random Thoughts…” ;^ )

Just trying to be THOUGHTFUL… I THINK! LOL

P.E.A.C.E –like MINDS…

Copyright ©2010 Tamieka Helen


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