Knowledge IS Self


Knowledge—to me—is simply what the term implies, at first glance—KNOW is “to know”… and ledge—I perceive as a thing that is “higher”, for one to reach—together—HIGHER KNOWING! Okay, so now that this is MY defintion and meaning and understanding of KNOWLEDGE—I will begin.

Just a few minutes ago, I was in my kitchen—doing dishes… and I began to “think”. Actually, since I believe that we are ALWAYS “thinking”—I will rephrase—I began to consciously “think”… and I told myself a few things—none of which I actually remember, at the moment; however, I do remember telling myself, “Now, would be a great time to be sitting in front of the computer. Once again, you are having some awesome thoughts!” It seems that I am always doing my best “thinking” when I am nowhere near a place that I can record my thoughts. I wonder why? Then, once I do sit to write—I am a little disappointed, because I “think” that those things I “thought” earlier—were much more amazing than that that I am “thinking” right now! Ha… (shaking my head) *thinking*…

It occurred to me… KNOWLEDGE—is this something that we can gain from books? Then, it occurred… I don’t “think” so. Why? Because—anything we READ in books is another person’s perspective of whatever that subject matter is—therefore, it is not anything that we KNOW to be true. We may BELIEVE much of what we read… understand it… and even agree with it—but, do we KNOW it to be TRUE? Well, if we have experienced any of it—meaning, we have witnessed it through our many senses, our own account of “the thing”—then, I guess we can safely say that, yes—we KNOW this—from “experience”. If we have NOT experienced it—then, how can we KNOW it. It is merely someone else’s experience—therefore it is THEIR KNOWLEDGE that they share with us—but, it is not OUR “knowledge” and nor does it BECOME our “knowledge”, until we have ourselves experienced it—only then, do we KNOW it and that it becomes “knowledge” for us.

My conclusion—you can not get KNOWLEDGE through books or reading—only through EXPERIENCE. Books are a collection of accounts and examples of OTHERS’ “knowledge” and it is merely shared information to give accounts of THEIR experiences. So, is it wise to read books for “knowledge”? I don’t believe so—although I used to—probably even just yesterday—or as short as a few moments ago. However, at this moment… I do not believe so.

I am convinced—if I never read another book—for the rest of my days… it will not keep me from acquiring “knowledge”. I am also convinced that my “knowledge” comes through my experiences—these are the only things that I KNOW to be both true and real… because I have witnessed these things. Therefore, I believe that no one can acquire “knowledge”, except through what they have experienced. Anything else is hearsay or a testimony of another’s experience or “knowledge” of a thing. So, where does KNOWLEDGE come from—from WITHIN. Your experiences are within you—they are those things that you “recall”. Where do you “recall” from—from within your “mind”. How do you access your mind… your experiences… your knowledge… through “thinking”; which is what you are always doing—as long as you are conscious—even when you are not! You are still “thinking”! So, KNOWLEDGE—as I understand it—comes from within—it can not be taught. Anything that comes from another is their account of their experience—again, it is THEIR knowledge—and it does not become KNOWLEDGE for you until you yourself have experienced it, until you have witnessed it, then and ONLY then, do you KNOW it. From another, it is an example of what that certain KNOWLEDGE will or can be for you, once you also experience or KNOW it. Then, it will also be YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

It is true for me then, that KNOWLEDGE can not be gained from any source outside of yourSELF. It is through nature and our experiences with nature; which is who we are—that we acquire KNOWLEDGE—through naturally existing—thinking… the only thing that is the evidence of our existence. Remove people, objects and all of my senses from me—even remove all that physically makes up who I am… if I close my eyes—there is NOTHING there… if I imagine that I can not hear, taste, see, smell or feel anything—and that even I am not here—I am still “thinking”.

I have come to “know” that, for me–EYE not only acquire KNOWLEDGE through SELF—but, that KNOWLEDGE “IS” SELF!

~ }I{ ~Evolve~ }I{ ~

~ }I{ ~Evolve~ }I{ ~


Copyright ©2010 Tamieka Helen


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