BE That Change!

BE MORE than Beautiful!

BE MORE than Beautiful!

Okay–so, we want change–but we don’t want to ACTIVATE the change that we want to see!

We want to stop the violence–but we are afraid to step outside our homes and chase the criminals off our blocks…

We complain about the trash on our streets–but we won’t go outside and begin to clean it up…

We’re sick of the youths disrespecting our elders–but we just turn our heads while it’s taking place…

We want Centers in our communities–but we just sit around and wait for THEM to build them…

We want our children to “be the best that they can be”–but we leave it to the schools to TEACH them…

We want men to accept responsibility for their families–but we we’re allowing the Lil Wayne’s and Jay-Z’s to raise our suns…

We want our daughters to be respected–but we teach them the value of “apple bottoms”…

We want others to recognize our “worth”–so we go to church…

CHANGE——-and yet, you look to OTHERS to accomplish it——–your president… your pastors… your so-called educators… your community leaders….

But what about YOU??? When will YOU “BE the BEAUTIFUL that BLACK REALLY IS… and, CHANGE YOUR OWN COME-UNITY?”–Kijiji Mwezi (Tamieka Helen)

It’s time for ACTION people!!! It’s time to BE…

Copyright ©2010 Tamieka Helen


3 thoughts on “BE That Change!

  1. Okay… I decided to just “change” it………….. we’ll go with CONFIRMATION. Thanks again, “Studen”… 🙂


  2. I humbly request the permission to be directly correct. As a young Afrikan student and person, according to the documentary, “Hidden Colors 2”, Dr. Umar Abudullah Johnson and others shared that Ghandi was not a pan Africanist and agreed on the destruction of African civilization/economics. WE as the konscious community must discard names, phrases, words and all communal spiritual weaknesses in order to rise to higher consciousness and to be collectively correct. I suggest to remove the Ghandi quote and share a new culture code to encourage change and place Ghandi’s name in our dislike category.

    • It is funny you should mention that, As I began going through my posts and read through this one and the quote–I thought on that VERY humble request you submitted–because, I too have heard of some things that do not sit very well with me–concerning Ghandi. I cannot accurately VERIFY whether these things are of truth or not–but, if you’d be willing to share–something other than what Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson shared–that would more directly prove that this man is indeed “guilty” of what has been said of him–I’d be MORE than willing to remove the quote. Also, if there is a quote that is similar–and, that is of Afrikan Origin–I’ll replace it either way… because, I’d much rather use one of my own culture.

      And, THANKS for the suggestion–seriously. I may end-up just removing–due to “intuition”… because, I am certainly leaning that way. It’s almost like “confirmation”… 🙂

      ONE LOVE

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