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A former status of mine on FB was this:

I’ve heard it said that you are nothing without “education”. I’ve also met my share of “educated” fools, as well as, my share of wise ones who’ve not had the experience of this thing called “education”. So, EXACTLY what is “education”?–Tamieka Helen

My question, based on the above is–What is EDUCATION to YOU?

Be sure to THINK before you answer—and RESPECT that there is NO “right” or “wrong” answer–only OPINIONS–although, of course, there is a definition. Please people—don’t bring me Merriam Webster’s opinion of the word, “education”!!! LOL

Have fun… and show RESPECT please! Thank you…



BE That Change!

BE MORE than Beautiful!

BE MORE than Beautiful!

Okay–so, we want change–but we don’t want to ACTIVATE the change that we want to see!

We want to stop the violence–but we are afraid to step outside our homes and chase the criminals off our blocks…

We complain about the trash on our streets–but we won’t go outside and begin to clean it up…

We’re sick of the youths disrespecting our elders–but we just turn our heads while it’s taking place…

We want Centers in our communities–but we just sit around and wait for THEM to build them…

We want our children to “be the best that they can be”–but we leave it to the schools to TEACH them…

We want men to accept responsibility for their families–but we we’re allowing the Lil Wayne’s and Jay-Z’s to raise our suns…

We want our daughters to be respected–but we teach them the value of “apple bottoms”…

We want others to recognize our “worth”–so we go to church…

CHANGE——-and yet, you look to OTHERS to accomplish it——–your president… your pastors… your so-called educators… your community leaders….

But what about YOU??? When will YOU “BE the BEAUTIFUL that BLACK REALLY IS… and, CHANGE YOUR OWN COME-UNITY?”–Kijiji Mwezi (Tamieka Helen)

It’s time for ACTION people!!! It’s time to BE…

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Random Thoughts…

Nothing specific–just some random THINKING…

Funny how you walk around thinking and coming up with random ideas to incorporate into the plans you have for building a better environment for yourself and your loved ones. You tell yourself, ” I should be writing this stuff down. It would be good to share with others.” But, as soon as you do sit to write–your mind goes blank… and all your thoughts seem to fade into the background–leaving you, still “thinking”. :- ) Well, yes–I lost my original thoughts–but, as I said… I still haven’t stopped “thinking”!

I have come to realize–even with all of the senses that each of us have–our seeing, hearing, feeling and the rest–none of these, or even ALL of these combined–could never measure up to the power of our “thinking”.

THINK about it… if you were to lose any of your senses today–or let’s say ALL of your senses–would you still manage to exist or BE? Sure you would–but, if you lose your ability to “think”–who or what exactly would you then BEcome?

Your ability to “think” is probably one of–or THEE most precious asset that you possess. Before attempting anything–one should stop and “think”. Before believing anything–one should stop and “think”. Before saying anything–one should stop and “think”. Your ability to “think” and your CHOICE in exercising this “ability”–is probably the real difference between the instability or the peace that you experience in your life. If you expect to have “peace of mind”–literally–then, you must begin to “think”–realistically, and intellectually to INITIATE this “peace”.

If someone pissed on you and tried to convince you that it was no different than being rained on–would you accept that? Oh–well, probably not the best example–some of you would/have welcome(d) that! LOL Moving on!

But, seriously… most of us just simply move through life without TRULY “thinking” of what our purpose is for BEING. Why are we here–and what is our reason for existing? We have been programmed to fall into this economic system; which has been designed for the gain of “control”–POWER… and those seeking this position ARE the best of “thinkers”. They DO realize the power of THEIR “thinking”–and they exercise it to the fullest–using entertainment, politics and religion to control the “minds” of those who refuse to control or exercise their own ability to “think”. Yes, pretty much–they have been doing the “thinking” for us. They have taken over our most powerful ability–to THINK!

I urge each and every one of you reading this note right now– It’s time to awaken yourSELF. No longer accept what “appears” to be “good”–but, realize that the only REAL “good” is TRUTH… of the KNOWLEDGE of yourSELF–your “thinking” is where that TRUTH–that “good”–lies… within YOU——-SELF. You truly are what you THINK–and you WILL CONTINUE to BECOME whatever you THINK. Don’t you THINK it’s about time to BE the best that you can possibly be? Your actions ultimately define who you are. All actions begin as a “thought”–so be careful in what you are “thinking”.

THINKING whether it’s a good “idea” to share one’s “Random Thoughts…” ;^ )

Just trying to be THOUGHTFUL… I THINK! LOL

P.E.A.C.E –like MINDS…

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The Best of Leaders



The Best of Leaders

Who is the “best” of leaders? There would be so many answers to this question—Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.—for starters… Malcolm X… Rev. Jesse Jackson… Rev. Al Sharpton (hehe)… Minister Louis Farrakahn… The Honorable Elijah Muhammad… and of course the obvious—President Barack Obama! Yes, I could go on—but, I just wanted to give a few examples of some of the answers I’d get. Each of these men certainly contributed something of substance to the nation… but, who is the “best” of them? And wait… ladies—don’t get your panties in a bunch! I know that there are female leaders too, but these were at the top of my head—and are the most familiar. So, I just made it a little easier on myself! (smile)

Now, I am asking this question for a reason. I want to know why so many of our people are so consumed with the need to be led by another. Why is it so imperative that we have “strong leaders” to represent our people? Okay, I know that the “common” thought is—“What the hell kinda question is that? We need good leaders to represent us and to make sure that we have a voice and get treated fairly in this nation!” Well, I’m OUT “the box”—I represent myself… I have a voice… and I ensure that I am treated fairly and with RESPECT—because I can… and don’t need anyone else to do it for me! Do you not have a brain with which to “think” and a mouth with which to “speak” for yourSELF? Then, why do you need a so-called “leader” to do these things for you?

I believe that there is only one case when a “leader” is needed—WITHIN the home… for the children. As a child grows—it needs to be led by its parents. The son, by the father and the daughter, by the mother. This is when we need “a leader”. They must model the appropriate example of an upstanding man/father and an upstanding woman/mother for us to grow into the same. Once this phase has been completed—we no longer need “a leader”—we now BECOME those “leaders” for our own children… and the cycle continues. We, as grown-behind (and you know what my mind is saying—and it ain’t really “behind”) so-called adults DO NOT need to still be LED by anyone! LIVE… like your brain is darn-well trying to help you to do! Use it! That is the problem with our nation—we are too busy looking for someone else to be “responsible”. That’s just plain “lazy”. But, I guess at least then—you have someone else to blame if you end-up on the wrong path and into disaster!

Come on people—grow up! Stop looking for someone else to fight your battles for you… to be your “voice”… to go running around this country asking Uncle Sam’s permission to be “free”. Quit asking for equality… acceptance… respect… justification—why are you asking for these things? Better yet… why are you seeking another to ask for these things on your behalf—even worse! Do you not KNOW who you are? Do you not KNOW that when you ASK for it—you are declaring the person(s) that you ask, the master and keeper of that that you ask for? So you are declaring THEM the master of YOU—because all of these things—you have… if you recognize your worth. Who can keep any of these things from you? Why, why, why—must you continue to give your power to another—even the so-called “leader” you are so desperately seeking. You are limiting yourSELF—it’s time for you to recognize that… because until you do—you will always remain in bondage… oppressed… a SLAVE—to your own damn fear of progression—fear of believing in your own potential… fear of becoming—something much more powerful and trustworthy than that “leader” you are calling on—fear of KNOWING—YOU!

Well, I’ll share a little insight to maybe help you with your little problem of “fear”:

Fear–the master and keeper of the “unknown”; which is ULTIMATELY what we fear! People are so inclined to be “comfortable”–that’s SAFE. No one wishes to be uncomfortable–or to go places that they are unfamiliar with. So, they choose to remain “in the box”… no mistakes!

It is merely NOT KNOWING that causes the “fear” in us.

Fear of failure… fear of riducule… fear of embarassment… fear of criticisim… fear of rejection… fear of change… fear of growth… fear of success, even———–if we can’t anticipate the outcome–KNOW that it will be in our favor—we FEAR moving forward, because, again–we DON’T KNOW!

Fear is a mutha… but, just like it is the master of the “unknown”—-we KILL it through our desire and striving to KNOW!


And the last piece of advice is this– No LEADERS–No FOLLOWERS—only walking side by side–dialoging–on the path to TRUTH—while advising and encouraging one another in the struggle that we all share! But—if you truly are in need of a “leader”—BE that “leader” for yourSELF—YOU ARE… The Best Leader!


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ABIBIFAHODIE!!! (Afrikan Liberation)

That Weapon Called EDUCATION!

That Weapon Called EDUCATION!

Education is a “mutha”—if you do NOT comprehend it!

From day one—we are “taught”—“You are nothing without EDUCATION!” We’ve heard these words from our parents… our grandparents… or aunts and uncles… our neighbors… our teachers… our religious leaders… and the like. What do they truly mean? Okay… I already know the most “popular” answer I will get to this question—but, I’m not looking for that. I’m looking for a well thought-out answer. Don’t just blurt anything out to me. You ought to know me better than that—by now! =^)

Let me give some of my “comprehension” of this thing called “EDUCATION” and WHY I initiated the last discussion, entitled, “What is EDUCATION to YOU?” In my opinion (MY OPINION); which is NOT “law”—this word “education” is being totally MISunderstood AND—it is all a part of the “plan”.

If I succeed at having you truly believe that “EDUCATION” is the “key” to ALL things—what will you strive after? So again, let’s begin with the question—What is EDUCATION to YOU? And although most of you gave “intelligent” answers—there are still the “masses” of people and their “perception” of
EDUCATION—the thing that you need in order to achieve the “status” of being SOMEBODY! Remember—we’ve heard ALL of our lives that—WITHOUT it—we are NOTHING! Therefore, it must be true that WITH it—we indeed ARE SOMETHING—something important… special… respected… admired… accepted… etc. So, by all means—get your EDUCATION—diplomas… certificates… degrees… and any and ALL PAPERS that declare you as—SOMEBODY!

EDUCATION is the measuring stick that determines WHO you are in the “social” network of LIFE. BE CAREFUL! If you do not comprehend the essence of your “education”—it may HARM you. Are you now “greater” then your brother? Are you now too “educated” to live amongst people who do not “think” the way your “educated” SELF now thinks? You can now afford to live anywhere you choose. Are you “choosing” to move away from YOUR people (your FORMER SELF) to move amongst those who are “educated” just like you (your NEWLY “EDUCATED” SELF)?

If you’re not careful about your “highly regarded” EDUCATION—it will “divide” you from all that really matters. It will cause you to lose your “individuality”—now becoming another “program” in the Matrix—walking, talking and CEASING to THINK—just like a robot. You will no longer feel… no longer care… no longer comprehend your TRUE purpose in life. You will become more and more distant from your “natural”order of living. You will fall into the “illusion” of being SOMEBODY. You will now BECOME the “oppressor”. You will become even more “enslaved” and threaten to KILL anyone who tries to remove your shackles! You will begin to HATE your neighbors, your family, your community, your culture, your nation… your-SELF! And then… you DIE.

Like religion… EDUCATION is a weapon of mass destruction—if NOT properly understood—or should I say—OVERstood! It is another tool used to confuse the minds of the “non-THINKERS”. So, I simply warn you—be careful when you TEACH your children that they are NOTHING without EDUCATION! You may very well be setting them up to be just that—NOTHING!

Now, for those of you who have the need to come from the “flip-side” of EDUCATION—YES, I do OVERstand that if you are LEARNED enough—that “education” can be a tool for you. Yes, it can INDEED be YOUR weapon—AGAINST your “oppressor”—and this is if you have the ability to, again, comprehend the essence of this powerful tool! And as with any tool—if you don’t know how to use it—you may end up hurting yourSELF, another—or both!


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Knowledge IS Self


Knowledge—to me—is simply what the term implies, at first glance—KNOW is “to know”… and ledge—I perceive as a thing that is “higher”, for one to reach—together—HIGHER KNOWING! Okay, so now that this is MY defintion and meaning and understanding of KNOWLEDGE—I will begin.

Just a few minutes ago, I was in my kitchen—doing dishes… and I began to “think”. Actually, since I believe that we are ALWAYS “thinking”—I will rephrase—I began to consciously “think”… and I told myself a few things—none of which I actually remember, at the moment; however, I do remember telling myself, “Now, would be a great time to be sitting in front of the computer. Once again, you are having some awesome thoughts!” It seems that I am always doing my best “thinking” when I am nowhere near a place that I can record my thoughts. I wonder why? Then, once I do sit to write—I am a little disappointed, because I “think” that those things I “thought” earlier—were much more amazing than that that I am “thinking” right now! Ha… (shaking my head) *thinking*…

It occurred to me… KNOWLEDGE—is this something that we can gain from books? Then, it occurred… I don’t “think” so. Why? Because—anything we READ in books is another person’s perspective of whatever that subject matter is—therefore, it is not anything that we KNOW to be true. We may BELIEVE much of what we read… understand it… and even agree with it—but, do we KNOW it to be TRUE? Well, if we have experienced any of it—meaning, we have witnessed it through our many senses, our own account of “the thing”—then, I guess we can safely say that, yes—we KNOW this—from “experience”. If we have NOT experienced it—then, how can we KNOW it. It is merely someone else’s experience—therefore it is THEIR KNOWLEDGE that they share with us—but, it is not OUR “knowledge” and nor does it BECOME our “knowledge”, until we have ourselves experienced it—only then, do we KNOW it and that it becomes “knowledge” for us.

My conclusion—you can not get KNOWLEDGE through books or reading—only through EXPERIENCE. Books are a collection of accounts and examples of OTHERS’ “knowledge” and it is merely shared information to give accounts of THEIR experiences. So, is it wise to read books for “knowledge”? I don’t believe so—although I used to—probably even just yesterday—or as short as a few moments ago. However, at this moment… I do not believe so.

I am convinced—if I never read another book—for the rest of my days… it will not keep me from acquiring “knowledge”. I am also convinced that my “knowledge” comes through my experiences—these are the only things that I KNOW to be both true and real… because I have witnessed these things. Therefore, I believe that no one can acquire “knowledge”, except through what they have experienced. Anything else is hearsay or a testimony of another’s experience or “knowledge” of a thing. So, where does KNOWLEDGE come from—from WITHIN. Your experiences are within you—they are those things that you “recall”. Where do you “recall” from—from within your “mind”. How do you access your mind… your experiences… your knowledge… through “thinking”; which is what you are always doing—as long as you are conscious—even when you are not! You are still “thinking”! So, KNOWLEDGE—as I understand it—comes from within—it can not be taught. Anything that comes from another is their account of their experience—again, it is THEIR knowledge—and it does not become KNOWLEDGE for you until you yourself have experienced it, until you have witnessed it, then and ONLY then, do you KNOW it. From another, it is an example of what that certain KNOWLEDGE will or can be for you, once you also experience or KNOW it. Then, it will also be YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

It is true for me then, that KNOWLEDGE can not be gained from any source outside of yourSELF. It is through nature and our experiences with nature; which is who we are—that we acquire KNOWLEDGE—through naturally existing—thinking… the only thing that is the evidence of our existence. Remove people, objects and all of my senses from me—even remove all that physically makes up who I am… if I close my eyes—there is NOTHING there… if I imagine that I can not hear, taste, see, smell or feel anything—and that even I am not here—I am still “thinking”.

I have come to “know” that, for me–EYE not only acquire KNOWLEDGE through SELF—but, that KNOWLEDGE “IS” SELF!

~ }I{ ~Evolve~ }I{ ~

~ }I{ ~Evolve~ }I{ ~


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