Earth of Afrika

Earth of Afrika

Earth of Afrika

Earth of AfriKa is a meeting place for the Black AfriKan Cultured WOMBIN to come and be inspired by inspirational quotes, pictures and other means of uplifting and restoring the memory of Our Black AfriKan Heritage and Culture. If you are inspired and desire to join the movement of restoring “the Village”—please, feel free to join the group, Earth of AfriKa on Facebook, as well… where we as Sistaz, meet… to discuss and relate with one another concerning the issues facing Our fallen Black Afrikan Heritage. There, we will begin to heal one another and work on solutions to solving the problems within Our Black Communities—ORIGINALLY——–the AfriKan Village. We are nothing less than the HEALERS and TEACHERS of Our Mighty Nation!

Earth of AfriKa is a reflection of our Black AfriKan Warrior Brothers–our PROTECTORS and PROVIDERS, SunZ of AfriKa; which is also here for the restoration of the Black AfriKan-Minded Warrior–the FORT of the AfriKan Village! Together… Our Purpose will again be fulfilled… Ma’at… through the Supreme Melanin; which is The Key of Life! In the restoration of the Essence of who we are–there must be NO COMPROMISING to returning ourselves to the healthy and harmonious state of mind that is the key to grounding us to the vibrational BALANCE of the UNIverSOUL ALL LAW… the Triple Black MATTER… the ALL-IN-ONE!
Please… feel free to visit us on Facebook, click here –where you will find sources of many forms to assist and encourage you to become, again–familiar with Afrikan Thought and Spirituality… and, don’t forget to visit the “notes” section–where you will find various resources to reinforce OUR STORY–that part of the Afrikan Mind and Essence that has been strategically and purposely HIDDEN and STOLEN from us–then, even COPIED and handed back TO US–in an OPPRESSIVE manner! Each One, Reach One & Teach One… to Restore the AfriKan Nation… “the Village”
Elevate-IN thee Earth’s INNER(G)
ABIBIFAHODIE (Afrikan Liberation)
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